Gluten Free Cooking


Abrusci’s has been in the Gluten Free business longer than any other Denver metro restaurant, which earned us accolades in 5280 Magazine as early as 2004 and most recently in 2012 (Best Gluten Free Menu). We are proud to offer 92% of our menu in gluten free options (our gluten and gluten-free menus are now combined into one).

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We are also now cooking with essential oils to add both flavor and terrific health benefits. Read more about the use of these oils here: Essential-Oils-Fad-or-Fantastic

MORE BACKGROUND: Abrusci’s has been serving gluten free food for 10 years +. It was an easy transition for our kitchen to make when friends were asking for gluten free food. Each dish was already prepared separately and we had a good source for rice noodles. The only other change needing to be made was separating the prep area and cook areas so that there was no cross contamination. Once that was done, staff trained, gluten free product ordered and received, Abrusci’s was in business to offer gluten free menu options for those suffering with Celiac Sprue.

Since that day, we have changed our source several times, each time upgrading to a better product. We finally settled in quite nicely with Sweet Escapes out of Longmont, We currently buy not only our rice noodles from Melissa Degen, the owner, but we also purchase pizza crusts, bread, hoagies, flour and a couple of desserts. Everything Melissa provides is top notch, guaranteed to be gluten free and all are yummy! No one would guess her chocolate chip cookie did not have regular flour in it. It’s as gooey as homemade cookies!

We also try very hard to keep the price the same, adding only when there’s special pasta or bread ingredients. The majority of our desserts are gluten free too, including our flourless chocolate cake, chocolate chip cookie and many gelato flavors. Another new vendor that is nearby is Gluten Free Things in Arvada. We are now buying our bread crumbs, some of our brunch items and our brownies from John Irvin, the owner (see

Come in and try our gluten free menu…we’re pretty sure you’ll become a regular overnight.

Watch our Gluten Free video that describes our years of experience developing our gluten free menu:


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